Monday, April 30, 2012

FINALLY! Social NOTworking The Book Is Available for Purchase or Download!!!

I have finally finished my book, Social NOTworking!  For those of you who have not heard me speak on this topic, I wrote about Social NOTworking for employers and HR so that you can help your companies EMBRACE Social Media in the workplace and still protect the company from Social Media related LAWSUITS.

It is chalk full of practical advice and guidance, especially for the HR professional who is often the person in the organization who is faced with "the dark side" of Social Media abuse when employees do not follow the "rules."  If your company doesn't have rules about Social Media, Social NOTworking also includes my Sample Social Media Policy and all the tips you will need to draft your own policy.

I truly enjoyed the process of writing this book.  I hope that you will enjoy it.  You can always download the first chapter free, but if you decide to buy it, please use the discount code SOCIAL to receive a 15% discount.  I'm so grateful for your continued support.

Social NOTworking covers:

Chapter 1:  I Like #SM
What is Social Media?
What is Social NOTworking?
What Are the Benefits to Social Media Use in the Workplace?
What Are the Detriments to Social Media Use in the Workplace?
Why Can’t You Just Stop All the “Madness?”
If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em
Chapter 2:  Designing Your Social Media Policy
A Pound of Cure
Leave Your Message At the Tone
What Do You Value?
Time Thief
Privacy Shmivacy
Don’t Pretend-Friend
Step Away From The Ipad
There Are Weiners Among You
Where’s Your Loyalty, Man?
Is It Chilly In Here? Ask the NLRB
Do You Know the Code?
Let’s Be Clear
Shh! That’s A Secret
Chapter 3: Which Laws Are Social Media Laws?
Oldies But Goodies
Social Media “Discrimination & Harassment” Laws
Social Media “Privacy” Laws
Social Media “Labor” Laws
Social Media “Intellectual Property” Laws
It’s Business, Not Personal. Or Is It Both?
Chapter 4:  Recruiters, Bloggers, PR, Oh My
The Sandbox Is Sandy
Online Recruiting: TMI
Best Practices for Online Recruiters
A Monster, Indeed!
Let’s Be Crystal Clear
Consistently Consistent
I Did Not Just See That
Am I Being Redundant?
You Will Love It Here
Bloggers “B-law-ging”
Best Practices for Bloggers
Again, Whose Opinions Are Expressed?
What’s Yours Is Mine
Mistakes Happens
Be Nice
Know Your Laws
We’re Probably Going To Be Sued For This
Best Practices for Public Relations Employees
The Domino’s Effect
Have You Hurd The News?
Seriously, No Comment
Chapter 5:  Watch Out For Selective Enforcement
May I Have This Dance?
Justify Exceptions to the Rule
What’s Good For the Goose Is Good For the Gander
Best Friends Forever
I Would Like to Recommend You, But…?
Chapter 6:  Choo! Choo! The TRAIN Stops Here
If A Tree Falls In The Forest
What Social NOTworking Prevention Training Looks Like
Make It A Priority
Appendix A:  Sample Social Media Policy
Appendix B:  Take The Social NOTworking Quiz


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